Family Help

Family Check-up

By Pastor Tim Cruse

“Examine Yourselves” – II Corinthians 13:5

A. Three things I like about about our family:




B. This needs to be addressed or changed in our family:




C. Here is a compliment or concern I would like to express to:

– Husband
– Wife
– Dad
– Mom
– Son
– Daughter
– Brother
– Sister

D. I wish we would do the following together:

Eat our meals Work a bus route
Have a family altar Take a vacation
Work on a special project Attend church faithfully
Learn a new hobby Sing a special in church
Plan a “Family Night” each week Do something for someone in need

E. My Attitude: (Check those which apply)

Honors God Needs adjusting
Dishonors God Is getting better

F. I can do a better job at:

Keeping my room clean Picking up after myself
Seeing what needs to be done Setting a good example
Getting along with everyone else Complimenting others
Being responsible Getting up on time
Taking proper care of things Keeping confidences
Being on time for things Memorizing Scripture
Starting projects soon enough Helping others
Eating right and exercising Writing thank you notes
Rejoicing in other’s blessing Talking kindly
Praising God in all things Saving money
Not making excuses Dressing modestly
Choosing the right friends Remembering names
Taking the high road in difficult or questionable things Completing my homework
Not speaking out of place Having a positive or faith-filled outlook
Praying and reading my Bible daily Looking people in the eye during conversation
Being a good steward of time and money Bringing the tithe to God and giving offerings

G. My plan for improvement is:

(write out ways you can work on your areas of need)